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How I Practice


I wonder what might be missing in your life. What's not working for you anymore? What do you Truly want?

Somebody took the time to help me sort through these questions myself, and to find my own voice and strength--- and I want to help you sort things out and find yours.


Maybe you got a bit lost or disconnected somewhere along the way, due to pain or trauma, or maybe it was neglect that buried parts of your experience. Relationships might feel difficult, embarrassing or confusing now, and you're not sure how to get unstuck. I can help you find what's missing, shift what's not working, and have more of what you long for. 

I work with artists, professionals, healers, teachers, activists, the environmentally-concerned, and of course any adult individuals who resonate. I am skilled at working with folks of all genders and walks of life seeking to find greater ease, confidence, boundaries and agency, and who want support to explore their relationship to their feelings, identity, community and sense of personal connection and empowerment in the world. 

Individual therapy

I believe that the challenges we face in our lives are invitations for us to grow. In our sessions, I will create a safe environment so you can actively engage in your own natural process of self-discovery and evolution.


My approach is warm, genuine, and inclusive, and my practice is rooted in a trauma-informed, psychodynamic approach to healing, which emphasizes the importance of the present-moment relationship between the two of us, as well as ways in which your past may influence your present experience. This focus on our relationship can be transformative, as patterns of experience you might struggle with in your other relationships naturally emerge in the safety of the therapy room, and we have a chance to together explore, understand, and ultimately empower you to shift what isn't working for you. 

Together we might explore hard-to-change life patterns and choices, ways in which you protect yourself and avoid challenging experiences, the impact of your important relationships, as well as your fears, dreams, wishes, and fantasies – in order to help you embody your truest and most comfortable self. 

Specialties and Issues I work with:

  • ​Life Transitions

  • Childhood Issues

  • Trauma + Boundaries

  • Climate Anxiety / Feelings about the Climate Crisis

  • Creative Process + Artistic Blocks

  • Grief + Loss

  • Depression + Anxiety

  • Relationship Issues

  • Body image / Food issues

  • Connecting with Feelings + Needs

  • Self Esteem + Confidence

  • Career Stress + Work-Life Balance

  • Sexual Issues + Trauma

  • Existential Concerns


therapy for couples and partnerships

I know it takes effort for you and your partner to get to therapy. I'm here to help you navigate whatever has brought you in.


I work in a down to earth, collaborative manner to create an emotionally safe environment for both of you so that you can increase your self-understanding and empathy for your loved one and talk about what matters. I commonly work with communication problems, loss of connection, bridging differences, managing strong feelings, sexuality issues and issues of responsibility. 

To be in relationship is a gift.  It can also be a confusing array of conscious and unconscious feelings, hopes, expectations and conflicting needs. Disappointment, isolation, resentment and discouraging fights often bring couples into therapy. I endeavor to offer a space that will allow you to strengthen your ability to communicate and repair dynamics and patterns between the two of you that have become entrenched and hurtful.

I honor diversity and welcome partnerships of all kinds, at all stages of relationship, including non-traditional partnerships, friendships in need of tending, strained sibling relationships, parent-child relationships, etc. As a couples therapist I am poly-friendly, trauma-informed, LGBTQ allied, and kink-aware.  

CLIMATE Aware Therapy


In this crucial historical moment it is my deepest intention to support you to connect with and learn to live with your feelings about the unfolding climate crisis, in order to step more fully into your power as an active participant courageously shaping our shared future.

I am a member of the Climate Psychology Alliance, and have studied the climate crisis in depth. Whether you're be an everyday person, artist, activist or among the environmentally-concerned, my goal is to help you find balance and empowerment amidst the overwhelm as you navigate our rapidly changing world. Together we will make space for you to explore ways of living in deeper alignment with your values as they relate to our current ecological and societal challenges. I will support you to be with, use and transform the challenging feelings that arise for you when faced with today's climate realities, including anxiety, overwhelm, ambivalence and paralysis. 

"As a climate scientist, people often ask me what is the single most important thing they can do to address the climate crisis? My answer is simply this: recognize you are living through the most profound moment in human history. Averting planetary disaster is up to the people alive right now. When you realize that the 2020s will be remembered as the decade that determined the fate of humanity, you will tap into an eternal evolutionary force that has transformed the world time and time again. Recognizing you are part of a timeless tug of war for social justice electrifies the present moment in a way that brings meaning and purpose to our lives."                  

                                                                                               -  Joelle Gergis, climate scientist and an IPCC lead author

Premarital / Commitment Therapy

Entering a relationship, starting a new chapter together or strengthening a commitment can be simultaneously an exciting, joyful yet evocative and unsettling experience.


I offer premarital or commitment therapy for couples entering marriage or long term relationships of all shapes and varieties.


In these sessions I help partners to discuss important topics with each other, such as their commitment and expectations, finances, communication, intimacy, in-laws, and conflict resolution. Studies have shown that couples who complete some form of premarital or commitment counseling have significantly increased marital and long term relationship satisfaction compared to those who do not. 

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