Professional, culturally-INFORMED Therapy

for individuals in THE EAST BAY

I believe that the challenges we face in our lives are invitations for us to grow. In our weekly sessions I will create a safe environment so you can actively engage in your own natural process of self-discovery. 


My approach is warm, genuine, and inclusive. My practice is rooted in a relational, psychodynamic approach to healing, which emphasizes the importance of the present-moment relationship between the two of us, as well as ways in which your past may influence your present experience. 


This focus on our relationship can be transformative, as patterns of experience you might struggle with in your other relationships naturally emerge in the safety of the therapy room, and we have a chance to together explore, understand, and ultimately empower you to shift what isn't working for you. 

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic I am currently working remotely, via Zoom or by phone, for the safety of my patients and myself.