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How it Works


Seeking support for life's inevitable challenges is a courageous and powerful choice. Consider me a partner on your path of increasing empowerment. Therapy can offer a safe space for exploration and acceptance of a wider range of your life experience, which can lead to positive change.


Therapy allows us to explore ourselves more deeply through the unique relationship that is formed between therapist and client. From my end, I will bring to our relationship a sense of non-judgment, warmth, and humor along with professional expertise. 

My approach is collaborative and relational; I aim to help you move through the world with a deepening sense of ease, trust and connection. I endeavor to compassionately support you where you are, to evoke your own healthy instincts.


My fee is $175 per weekly session for individuals, and $190 for couples. Out of a desire to be inclusive with my practice, I do reserve a part of my schedule for reduced fee clients, so please feel free to ask me about this. If you have health insurance, a health savings account, or medical reimbursement account through your employer, I recommend you check with your insurer about out-of-network reimbursement. If you have coverage, I can provide you with receipts for our work together. 


Therapy works best when weekly sessions are held as consistently as possible. Sessions are usually 50 minutes, at least once a week. This frame is important for building our relationship; meeting on a weekly basis helps support your internal momentum, so that you can get the most out of your therapy. Sessions at a higher frequency can be very helpful as well, and we can discuss this option if relevant.

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